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Capital development through real estate investment : :

> Acquisition of holdings in SCI’s and ‘Limited Companies’ (SARL) that are based around construction sale operations

> Contributions of the necessary capital :

- "Round table" organisation of of associates
- The injection of finances into associate projects :
- Own Capital stocks
- Loans for promoters

> Deliverance of the obligatory legal guarantees :

- G.F.A
- A.D.O

The council in promotion and in real estate asset management : :

> Assistance in the creation of real estate operations and their follow-up

> Audit and reparation of real estate operations in difficulty

> Dynamic management of real estate assets " Asset Management "

The creation and the commercialisation of "hotel" operations :

> Hotels and residences (tourism, seniors, students)


> An entrepreneurial team spirit

> A quality relationship and reciprocal confidence based on :

- the respect of engagements
- rigourous analysis
- quality and safety of the selected real estate operations
- the output of funded capital


After agreed selection by our management team.

> private or institutional investors wanting :

- to optimize the output of their spare capital
- to constitute a sure and profitable real estate inheritance.
- to better develop their real estate investments.

> Local property developers eager to consolidate their development

> Occasional real estate operators and/or land owners in search of know-how

> Hotel owners wishing to restructure and develop their credits

Joseph Perez - Associate
He made his career in the banking industry until he became chairman of the "Société Marseillaise de Crédit", of which he brilliantly reformed..

Olivier Stamm - Associate
Lawyer, then became the director of a company dealing in management consulting. Director of the "Isobail" company for 20 years.

Bernard Ballester – Associate / Director
Former general manager of a financial institution and property developer for 20 years, notably creating "La Compagnie Immobilière et Foncière de Provence".

Roman Stamm - Associate
Engineer of "l’Ecole Supérieure des Travaux Public de Paris, B91 promotion". Former position in charge of operations of an international real estate group.

Laurent Ballester
Commercial school graduate. Responsible for operational marketing.


> 4 000 properties for use as personal residences or as investments.
> 1 500 tourism residence properties.
> 15 000 m ² of office space

> Average annual volume of activity is superior or equal to 15 million euros HT.


To view our current products please download the following documents :

Le Mas de Valrugues (version française)

Le Mas de Valrugues (english version)

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Novaprom Finances
Head office :
4, Bis rue du Bayle

Mail : contact@novaprom.fr

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