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Capital development through real estate investment : :

> Acquisition of holdings in SCI’s and ‘Limited Companies’ (SARL) that are based around construction sale operations

> Contributions of the necessary capital :

- "Round table" organisation of of associates
- The injection of finances into associate projects :
- Own Capital stocks
- Loans for promoters

> Deliverance of the obligatory legal guarantees :

- G.F.A
- A.D.O

The council in promotion and in real estate asset management : :

> Assistance in the creation of real estate operations and their follow-up

> Audit and reparation of real estate operations in difficulty

> Dynamic management of real estate assets " Asset Management "

The creation and the commercialisation of "hotel" operations :

> Hotels and residences (tourism, seniors, students)


> An entrepreneurial team spirit

> A quality relationship and reciprocal confidence based on :

- the respect of engagements
- rigourous analysis
- quality and safety of the selected real estate operations
- the output of funded capital


After agreed selection by our management team.

> private or institutional investors wanting :

- to optimize the output of their spare capital
- to constitute a sure and profitable real estate inheritance.
- to better develop their real estate investments.

> Local property developers eager to consolidate their development

> Occasional real estate operators and/or land owners in search of know-how

> Hotel owners wishing to restructure and develop their credits

Joseph Perez - 67 years of age - Associate
He made his career in the banking industry until he became chairman of the "Société Marseillaise de Crédit", of which he brilliantly reformed..

Olivier Stamm - 67 years of age - Associate
Lawyer, then became the director of a company dealing in management consulting. Director of the "Isobail" company for 20 years.

Bernard Ballester - 57 years of age – Associate / Director
Former general manager of a financial institution and property developer for 20 years, notably creating "La Compagnie Immobilière et Foncière de Provence".

Roman Stamm - 40 years of age - Associate
Engineer of "l’Ecole Supérieure des Travaux Public de Paris, B91 promotion". Former position in charge of operations of an international real estate group.

Laurent Ballester - 30 years of age
Commercial school graduate. Responsible for operational marketing.


> 4 000 properties for use as personal residences or as investments.
> 1 500 tourism residence properties.
> 15 000 m ² of office space

> Average annual volume of activity is superior or equal to 15 million euros HT.


To view our current products please download the following documents :

Le Mas de Valrugues (version française)

Le Mas de Valrugues (english version)

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Novaprom Finances
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30400 Villeneuve les Avignon

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